May 30, 2019 | New York City, United States

Ticker Company Name Market Cap Sectors
AGYS Agilysys $528 Million Application Software
Private Brewfirst Other
CRNT Ceragon Networks $206 Million Communications Equipment, Telecommunications
CSSE Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Inc. $84 Million Media and Entertainment
CLFD Clearfield, Inc. $180 Million Communications Equipment
Cognizer Other
CMTL Comtech Telecommunications Corp $678 Million Telecommunications
CYBE CyberOptics Corporation $86.6 Million Semiconductors
DLPN Dolphin Entertainment, Inc. $14.7 Million Media and Entertainment
EMAN eMagin Corporation Other, Semiconductors
WATT Energous Corporation $128 Million Wireless Charging
Exponent, Inc. $144 Million Internet Services, Media and Entertainment
GSV Capital Corp. $136 Million Fintech, Other
I.D. Systems, Inc. $103 Million IOT
Issuer Direct Corporation $41.6 Million Fintech
IZEA Worldwide, Inc. $13.8 Million Media and Entertainment
KLR Kaleyra $602 Million Fintech, Telecommunications, Other
PVT Knightscope Public Safety
KOPN Kopin Corporation $94.3 Million Consumer Electronics
LPSN LivePerson $1.99 Billion System Software
MVIS MicroVision, Inc. $84.3 Million Electronic Equipment
MIND Mitcham Industries, Inc. $46.9 Million Other
TYPE Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. $717 Million Application Software
NNDM Nano Dimension Ltd. $15.3 Million Electronic Equipment
OPRX OptimizeRx, Inc. $196 Million Healthcare Technology
TEUM Pareteum Corporation $342 Million System Software
PYDS Payment Data Systems, Inc. $58.3 Million Fintech
PAYS PaySign $722 Million Fintech
PBI Pitney Bowes, Inc. $787 Million Enterprise Services
PRGX PRGX Global, Inc. $163 Million Enterprise Services
RADA RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. $137 Million Aerospace and Defense
RDCM RADCOM $110 Million Communications Equipment
REFR Research Frontiers Incorporated $88.6 Million Electronic Equipment
RESN Resonant Inc. $59.7 Million Communications Equipment, Electronic Equipment, Semiconductors
RMNI Rimini Street, Inc. $343 Million Enterprise Services
SSTI ShotSpotter, Inc. $489 Million Other
SITO SITO Mobile, Ltd. $19.5 Million Advertising
SRAX SRAX $43.9 Million Advertising, Other
WISA Summit Wireless $17.7 Million Gaming, Semiconductors, Consumer Electronics
SYNC Synacor $58.6 Million
Private Terran Orbital Aerospace and Defense
VS Versus Systems Inc. $17.9 Million Gaming
VQS VIQ Solutions Inc. $19.7 Million Application Software
VUZI Vuzix Corporation $79.5 Million Consumer Electronics
WYY WidePoint Corporation $37.9 Million Application Software
WRTC Wrap Technologies, Inc. $140 Million Public Safety
YTEN Yield10 Bioscience, Inc. $11.5 Million Biotechnology
YieldMo Advertising
ZIXI Zix Corporation $560 Million Cyber Security